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Persometrics Stress Reports

The Home Test Kits

1 Receive your test-kit

This may have been handed to you by your therapist, or ordered on Persometrics Switzerland. Printed on the inner tubes you will find your anonymous code, which is required to access instructions and questionnaires.

2 Read instructions

Strict procedures are required for all scientific testing. The instructions guide will help you find a suitable test day and advise you on how to carry out the sampling. Instructions are not provided on paper; instead, use the link above to access documentation.

3 Perform sampling

Provide your samples in the comfort of your own home or at work. Some timing conditions are necessary. All required information is given in the Instructions guide.

4 Control the samples

The preliminary validity test is meant to assess whether your samples can be sent to the lab or if you need to resample.

5 Send samples by post

You must get and affix a first class stamp for shipping the samples to the lab in Germany. Full instructions are given during the Sample control.

6 Finish questionnaires online

This questionnaire is long, but you can stop and have breaks at any point. Simply close the browser/app; when you start the questionnaire again (a different device if you wish), you can pick up exactly where you left off

7 Receive results by email

Our lead time is 5 days from the time the samples have reached the lab. You will receive the report to the email you provided during the questionnaire.

8 Take action

You are now ready to continue your journey to good health. Always seek advice from a healthcare practitioner before commencing any change of lifestyle. Based on your informed choice, you can now follow the path that is right for YOU.