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Welcome to the DNA and hormone testing documentation platform of the Swiss center for DNA and hormone testing. In addition to fighting burnout and bad stress, we offer a range of questionnaires for the public on this website.
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The procedure

1 Receive your test kit

This may have been handed to you by your therapist, or ordered on the testkit webshop. Inside the kit you will find your unique anonymous code.

2 Prepare

We try and use as little paper as possible and instructions are only available through the current website. The instruction manual also helps decide your test day.

3 Sampling

Provide your samples in the comfort of your own home or at work. Some timing conditions are necessary. All required information is provided in the Instruction Manual.

4 Send samples by post

You must get and affix a first class stamp for shipping the samples to our partner laboratory in Germany. Dimensions are C5 size less than 2cm wide. Full instructions are given during the Sample control.

5 Finish questionnaires online

Access the questionnaire from the current website. It is exhaustive but you can breaks and change devices. Simply resume with the same link above, using your anonymous code.

6 Receive results by email

Our lead time is 5 days from the time the samples have reached the lab. You will receive the report to the email you provided during the questionnaire, in the language you requested during the questionnaire.

7 Take action

You now have the tools to continue your journey to better health. Based on your informed choice, you can now follow the path that is right for YOU. Always seek advice from a healthcare practitioner before commencing any change of lifestyle.